Smell ya Later, Febreze

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Air fresheners have been around for how many years now?  And not one major brand has nailed relevancy in product, concept, targeting, usage occasion, packaging, distribution, messaging and media choice like this one.   Shock value and humor aside, PooPourri understands the female consumer like these big brands don’t.

This is a perfect demonstration of why big brands have to get serious about the new world in which they’re living.  They can continue to stick to what’s worked in the past and will likely find themselves going right down the toilet.  Glade actually dipped its toes in the UK poo a few years back, but the ads were met with disdain.  Viewers reacted with shock and disgust at a little boy telling his mum that he needed to “do a poo.”

But rather than a mass media TV campaign trying to delicately get at the issue by couching it in mommy/child humor, PooPourri ravenously attacks the opportunity woman to woman.

images-4images-10Borrowing a play from Orbit, PooPourri’s lovely, brand-showcasing, British beauty directly addresses the viewers on matters unclean.  But instead of cleaning up a dirty mouth, PooPourri fills it with with anything but delicate innuendo or cute kiddie potty talk.

Direct and honest communication couched in blunt humor puts PooPourri squarely into the free-range arena – this brand is unapologetic.  It knows its world, knows its self and feels no shame.

Overnight, this brand staked its claim as the Queen of Poo and in one week, went from unknown to over 6 million views.

Like it or hate it, the big air freshening brands are going to feel this pinch.

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