The Most Blissful Break-Up

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Millennials have had enough of suffocating contracts and phone-upgrade deprivation, and T-Mobile has come riding in to end the tyrannical reign AT&T has had over its captive citizens.

T Mobie Break Up Letter

Billing itself as the “Uncarrier,” Team Mobile is distancing itself from the bad behavior that stigmatizes the industry. Not only is T-Mobile fighting back, but the brand is giving Millennials the opportunity to throw a well-deserved punch in the process.

Bold, playful and everything a Millennial would want, The Break-Up campaign couldn’t make it easier or more enjoyable to give AT&T a straight-up, well-deserved smack in the face. You can select how you want to deliver your punch and T-mobile will take care of the dirty work, picking up any fees along the way. Then you can share your bold move with your friends.

Say hello to freedom, a future blessed with phone upgrades and a well deserved kick in the ass.



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One thought on “The Most Blissful Break-Up

  1. Thank you my friend, I am proud to be able to read the writing on your article!

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