Bro Milk. That’s right. But could Bro Milk actually be killing our Bros?

Organic Valley’s Organic Fuel, made from real Organic Valley milk, has launched a PSA to help Save the Bros:

Let the Milk Wars begin

Starting with the last decade’s all-out assault on Dairy, old school milk has pretty much been dumped by our health-conscious leaders. In pole position are the non-dairy “milk” alternatives: Soy, Almond and Rice. But bringing up the rear, here comes good old fashioned Milk again! … Donning its organic cap and wholesome farming heritage … wait … something looks different about this milk. Could it be?

Reinvented, re-imagined and re-engineered, Coke’s new FrankenMilk is “Better than Milk!” Sporting a Monsanto-style cloak, Fairlife has been “innovated” to give you all the nutrients you need in a single glass. What’s a Bro to choose?

I guess if a Bro really wanted to get back to basics, drinking milk the way nature made it, he could, and perhaps already has, hopped onto this milk truck:

So, consider all the alternatives and, please, make the right choice and help Save a Bro. In the meantime, Drink Malk: It does a body good.

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